How does one person make a huge difference in the lives of people that need it the most?

Meet Robert (Bob) Smith. He was the Lakewood Ranch Community Foundation’s John A Clarke Humanitarian of the Year recipient and for a very good reason! Over the last 12 years, Bob has been committed to raising money for Stillpoint Mission

The Stillpoint Mission statement reads: “We reach out to the disadvantaged in our community to help them meet their basic daily needs including food, clothing, baby and adult diapers, hygiene items, children’s books and financial assistance. We serve all who come through our doors in need of the resources we can provide, and all our services are free. We are an independent, non-denominational, non-profit organization that is staffed by volunteers — we have no payroll expense; 100% of our donations go to support client needs. We are grateful and privileged to have such generous and faithful individual and local organizational support.”

This simple message is clear. Stillpoint Mission helps people with their basic needs, and they do it only as volunteers! When Bob began his fundraising efforts, the nonprofit was serving over 200 families with two to three canned food items a week. This began Bob’s journey and his passion with Stillpoint Mission.

Bob’s first email, sent out over 11 years ago, was to nine of his golf buddies asking for donations and he raised $1,500. Over the next 11 years, Bob has succeeded in increasing those dollars to over $235,000! 

If you are feeling moved to make a difference in your community and would like to donate to this worthy nonprofit, please take a moment to visit Stillpoint’s website. Bob stresses that your donation will go much further by taking advantage of the Flanzer Trust matching program, which makes a huge difference in your donation. They match contributions from $5 to $500 per month per donor/household.

If you want to talk with Bob personally, email him at He would love to tell you some wonderful stories of hope for this wonderful organization.