VR in action 2
VR in action 2

What does the Lakewood Ranch Community Foundation do for the Lakewood Ranch community? 

On Friday, June 3rd, Mark Clark, Prestige Planning and board of director, and I sat down with Debbie Mason and Kaitlyn Kramer of the Tidewell Foundation and learned more about what our grant was able to provide for them last year.  We met at the Blue Butterfly center in Lakewood Ranch where we got to see firsthand all that they are doing with children and families learning to deal with their grief when they lose a loved one.  With their skilled therapists, these children and their families can process (in a healthy way) their grief and go on living without their parent, sibling, or grandparent.  It was truly a powerful experience. 

We then moved onto the Tidewell Hospice House in Lakewood Ranch.  As we sat and talked with Debbie and Kaitlyn, we learned all about what the Lakewood Ranch Community Foundation made possible through our grant last year which was their new virtual headsets for patients in hospice. These headsets provide an opportunity for an individual to go “see” a place they have always wanted to go, or for them to head back in time and be at that event that was so special to them.  These headsets are game changers, especially during COVID when they couldn’t be with their loved ones.  See what I am talking about in the following video:

I was so humbled after spending the morning with Debbie and Kaitlyn.  The work that these folks do is so impressive and important in our community.  I went into the meeting believing that this was going to be all about death in our older population, but quickly realized that they help all ages in the grief and loss process and how they go on “living” without that person they loved.  I know I speak for Mark too when I say, thank you Debbie and Kaitlyn for allowing us the opportunity to get to know you better and to get to know all that the Tidewell Foundation is doing for the Lakewood Ranch Community. 

To get more information, please visit Tidewell Foundation at https://tidewellfoundation.org.  To read more stories like this and to see what your dollars help fund, please visit us at Lakewood Ranch Community Foundation – https://www.lwrcf.org

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